About Me

I’m inquiring. What this blog tries to do is capture some of the thoughts and ideas that inspire challenge and drive me, and how I’m trying to absorb these discoveries into my own life and work.

Over the last few years I have come to the growing conclusion that the way I, and many others, work and live in western society has become distorted by money, profit, materialism and selfishness. I found earning a lot of money to do projects that were just about cutting costs and increasing short term shareholder profit lacked fulfilment, and I felt a strong urge to start doing different things, and doing things differently.


My background

I started work in ‘personnel’ over 15 years, under a false assumption that I could change the way people worked for the better. Since then I have worked for large management consultancies in the realm of HR and people change, where I worked on large ‘transformation’ projects but also found limited scope to change people’s lives for the better.

Most recently I have moved into the realm of ‘sustainability’ and ‘responsibility’ (word which no doubt need some definition in this blog). I’m currently studying an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility at Ashridge Business School (a course I thoroughly recommend if you want to change your life and world view).

I hope to make people’s lives a bit better, and through doing that bring a little bit of meaning and purpose back to the world.


My interests

–       ‘Good Work’ (see E.F. Schumacher)

–       Collaboration

–       Inclusion and gender

–       Responsible and ethical business

–       Conscious consumerism

–       Questioning assumptions in all their forms


My long-term goal

To be part of the generation that puts the world on a sustainable and more meaningful footing. I would like to envisage a world full of responsible organisations operating for more than profit and contributing to society in a much broader way than they do today. I would also like individuals to challenge the assumptions they see (and often don’t see) around them and keep questioning “Am I bring all of myself, my talents and values to everything I do?”


Not only, but also….

I am a Trustee of the Environment Trust, an environment charity with experience of caring for places and connecting people. The Trust works in the borough of Richmond and the wider London area. At the Trust, we believe that:

I live in SW London. I have a lovely one year old daughter and as you can imagine an equally lovely and supportive partner.